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A Different Lens Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing Baldrick Benjamin, New York based mens fashion designer.

Baldrick Benjamin as a brand is internationally renouned for underwear designs that combine comfort, sex appeal and unique style.

Baldrick, thank you for agreeing to this interview with ADL. Can you tell us about you and how you got into designing mens underwear?

Thank you so much for this opportunity to tell some of my story! 

Well let’s see....I am 27 years old. I’m originally from a very small town in Northern Arkansas, United States. I grew up in the middle of the Ozark Mountains ,30 minutes  away from the Missouri border. I’ve always felt like I didn’t really fit in where I lived because I had so many different ideas that people just didn’t understand. I’ve always had a really weird style that was influenced by tons of different things. As far as designing underwear, I was actually drunk with my partner Benjamin and we jokingly said we wanted to make a clothing line.

Then one day I came home and told him how annoying it was that I couldn’t find any underwear I liked at the mall.

He said “why don’t we make our own!?” And the rest is history as they say. 


Besides designing underwear, what other talents do you have?

Aside from Men’s underwear I am a man of many talents. I always liked James Bond as a kid so I tried to learn as many skills as possible.

I skateboard, snowboard, wakeboard, scuba dive, and write music as a hobby. I wanted to be a chef at one point but decided not to after studying under some chefs but I love to cook because it helps me relax. I had no sewing experience when I started designing clothing so I taught myself to sew from watching YouTube videos. When Benjamin and I started making underwear we actually made them completely from scratch by cutting our own patterns and outsourcing the waistbands. Then we learned to sew them and bought the machines to do so.


What inspires Baldrick Benjamin designs?

From the beginning, Baldrick Benjamin has been inspired by art, music, pop culture, and luxury. Benjamin was raised in Oceanside, California and loved surfing and punk music so that was a lot of our inspiration when we first started. We bonded over our love of punk, hip hop, skating, and art. We have always tried to make our designs stand out in our own way and really just make our own waves. 


What inspires you as a designer?

As a designer I’m inspired a lot lately by art, music, and nature. 

As the brand progresses I think you will see that a lot in my designs. 

I also get a lot of inspiration from other designers. I think watching Mr. Tom Ford has inspired me so much to just make a beautiful, sexy, and luxurious product. I try and keep that formula in mind whenever I begin work on something new. I just try and make something that will show the male form in all of it’s beauty and enhance it even more. 


Where can our readers see and buy your designs?

All of our designs are available for purchase on our website

And in a few select retail stores in cities around the United States and in the UK at

We are hoping to expand our line to even more retailers this season both in the US, and internationally. If you’re a store owner and would like to carry the brand please contact us through our website for samples.


What makes Baldrick Benjamin stand out compared to other underwear designers?

Benjamin and I have always wanted to make clothing we would want to wear. Softness and fit are our first priority. We use premium Modal fabric in all of our designs and it really just gives such an amazingly light, cool, and luxurious feel when worn.

 We also try and make a premium product that is not only quality, but affordable. 

I don’t believe in charging outrageous prices just to get a premium product. If I make less money but have a superior product then I am happy at the end of the day knowing that my customers are happy.

As we expand we will always offer a variety of products that are the highest quality regardless of price. 

I personally test every single piece before I approve production of it to ensure they are up to my own standards. 


What are your goals when it comes to the brand Baldrick Benjamin?

My goals for Baldrick Benjamin at this time are just simply to make one of the best, sexiest, products on the market today. I want to continue expanding our brand worldwide and make men all over fall in love with Baldrick Benjamin products.  On January 11th, 2019, Benjamin passed away unexpectedly of complications with pneumonia. He had just turned 40 years old.

This year has been one of the most challenging and heartbreaking times for me as not only a businessman, but as a man in general.

I lost my best friend, my love, and my business partner. As of right now the goal is to honor him in everything I do from this point forward. I know he is watching everything I do so I just want to make him proud of what we have accomplished.


What advice do you give to our readers if they would like to get into fashion design?

My advice for anyone who wants to get into fashion or really anything is to just go for it! Nothing worth doing will ever be easy and you will have a bunch of lonely, late nights. You will lose a lot of money and you will lose friends. But you will gain so much satisfaction when you see your designs on people and hear them say how much they love them. You get to a point that no matter what amount of money you make, or don’t, you just do it for the love. That’s when things begin to really change and some of your best work happens. On a practical note however, don’t quit your day job. Things take awhile to get moving and you will need that job to fund your dreams. Keep your vision and be open to letting that vision evolve into the best possible thing it can be. 


In your view, why should men wear designer underwear brands?

In my view everyone, regardless of gender, should wear nice underwear! The feeling of having a luxurious pair of underwear caressing your skin after a nice shower is one of the best feelings you can have. Aside from that, you want people to admire how sexy they look on your body right before they take them off of you. 

Nobody wants to have sex with someone who has holes or stains on their underwear. 

Do yourself a favor and invest in some great pieces for those special occasions or even just to lounge around in on a rainy day.

You can thank me later.


If you are to pick your top three underwear designs, which ones would you pick and why?

Oh wow.....that’s really hard to answer! I think it just depends on what I’m doing and what clothing I’m wearing. 

I never liked thongs before but lately I’ve been sleeping in them and I love them!

As far as the rest of the time it depends on my mood. I usually just go with a nice pair of briefs if I’m not wearing something form fitting. 

If I’m wearing a suit I love trunks because they don’t show lines as easily in a pair of fitted pants. And for the gym I usually wear trunks also but sometimes briefs for extra support. 

I love our Magnificence series briefs for just lounging around the house as well because they’re comfy and sexy. 

What works for me however might not work for you. It’s important to experience all styles of underwear and pick what works best for your lifestyle.


We all have guilty pleasures, what's yours Baldrick?

Now this is a question I can definitely answer! I am a very big supporter of simple guilty pleasures and pleasure in general. I am a Scorpio after all.....Sensuality is something I have always incorporated into my life from a very young age. I love textures, colors, smells, and of course, food! I also believe in pampering  yourself. The better you feel, the better your quality of life is going to be and the more confident you will be in turn! When I want to spoil myself, I need some clean, soft, sexy clothing. Some great smelling cologne and a clean haircut. Follow that up with a nice, romantic dinner setting and an incredible dessert....perfection!

Enjoy images of top male models wearing Baldrick Benjamin designs In A Different Lens gallery by Photographer Markus Brehm.

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