Prague Through the Lens of Igor Yermakov

A Different Lens Magazine brings Prague to you through the camera lens of the talented Igor Yermakov.

Yermakoz was born in Cherkassy, Ukraine, and he grow up and lived in Kyiv.  He is a civil engineer by background and has been working on construction sites for 28 years. Over the past 15 years, he has managed large scale construction projects in different areas. He told ADL that construction is a creative process in its own way, despite it being complicated. Very often there are restrictions that do not allow the full implemention of creativity. Alongside photography, his other interestes include modelling and writing books to allow him to express his creativity.


Yermakov's photographic career kicked off with his inspiring images of the streets, architecture and landscapes of Prague.

We interviewed Yermakov about his photographic journey for our readers.

What style of photography do you like the most?

I am mainly interested either in photographing urban landscapes or shots of people, mostly guys (from portraiture to nude art).

Tell us about your experience in street photography?

Well...Here Prague is “to blame”.

On my first trip to the Czech Republic in 2005, I used a very simple film camera. I fell in love with Prague at first sight. I am still in love with it and try to share this love with others. My first shots of this great city could not mirror my feelings. That's when I realized I needed to improve my techniques and equipment. I wanted to capture the mood of the city and my passion for it in order to get incredible pictures that would be interesting not only to me but anyone.  I love old European towns, where one can feel the spirit of history. I took photographs in so many towns/cities but only Prague can make my wings of photographic passion spread wide open.

How would you describe Prague as a photographer?

Prague is incomparable and unique. You can admire its exclusive views of secession buildings as well as wonderful units of contemporary architecture. However, Prague's panoramic views and secluded corners as a medieval town attract me much more. This is a city of moods. The same location can be photographed in very many different ways. From one side it can give you a life-affirming image and Kafka pessimistic view from the other side. Prague switches on feelings that a photographer can convey.

What are your goals when it comes to photography?

 Perhaps the most important thing is to convey my feelings and my passions. This doesn’t depend on whether I’m shooting a city landscape or a naked male model. I want my images to excite desires and aesthetic pleasures. Obviously, when I’m in a bad mood (e.g. sad ) I will not shoot. I prefer not to share negativity with the external world.

How did social media impact your career?

In many ways. It motivates me to take better and more soulful pictures.

Feedback is very important to me. I would like to know the impact of my work on feelings and emotions of the viewers.

In addition, social media provided me access to new concepts, professional advice and friendships.

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