Interview with Lucy Cates

Lucy was born in Somerset, UK, and then moved to London to pursue her career.  She trained at AMAW, Identity Drama School and The Actors Temple (Meisner) London.  Lucy is currently based in New York City.

Acting credits include 'London Town' (2016), 'Guitar Hero Live (2015)  and "Black Mirror' (2016)

A Different Lens Magazine interviewed Model and Actress Lucy Cates.


Lucy we love your unique style......what can you tell ADL Magazine about your inspiration? 


"Actually it's just clothes I find or that have been given to me. My mum likes to take me shopping so most is from her. I’m more of a free spirit hippy - not too much thought goes into it".


How do you manage to look so good? What's your secret? 


"I’ve been vegeterian for a long time, since I was 17. Sometimes it's just the basic things that are required. I do daily yoga, and I love to sleep. That helps for sure".


How do you prepare for a photoshoot? 


"I’ve been doing this for so long, so it’s just like anyone else would do for work. It becomes very practical depending on the shoot; what is needed; I make sure that is provided etc. Haha it’s very boring. Well it can be - sometimes styling can be fun".


How long have you been modelling for? how did you get into it?


"8 years, I was scouted when I was working in fashion retail in Cardiff, Wales in the United Kingdom".


Can you tell the readers of our Magazine something about one of your memorable shoots?  What made it so memorable?


"Guitar Hero - I was the keyboardist in the “The Out Outs”. I was playing with some of my best friends, and the video game was a huge favourite growing up".


How did social media affect your career? 


"When I first started modelling, even the first 3/4 years there was no such thing as social media (not Instagram) as we know it now. I guess the question would be how does social media affect people? I’d say it’s been a tool to push my career further and open up opportunities".


We all have guilty pleasures....what's yours?


"Icecream and Bourbon Creams".


What is your dream? Or what are your goals at the moment?


"To be happy. This is all".


In addition to modelling, do you have other hobbies you want to share with us? 


"I’ve been acting, and I’m also a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist. I am teaching myself how to play the guitar also".


If you were on deserted island with someone else- who would that be?


"Someone who knows a lot about island survival and is pretty hunky!"

When it come to modelling, what advice would you give to aspiring models?


"Do what you want, express yourself how you wish. Don’t conform, or feel bad about conforming. Trust your instincts and don’t give a fuck what people say".

You can see more of Lucy Cates on her social media.


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