Nathaniel Scott-Duxbury

The Showman

A Different Lens Magazine is pleased to present this interview with 'The Showman'. The multitalented star, Mr Nathaniel Scott-Duxbury, is from Leeds, West Yorkshire in England but currently resides in Germany. Amongst multiple highly successful stage shows, Nathaniel played in the Queen Musical ‘We Will Rock You’ where he shared the stage with Brian May, as well as dancing for various British Television channels. Dancing professionally has been his career for the past 11 years. He only started modelling this year and captured the attention of top photographers and magazines including A Different Lens. Nathaniel started exploring the dudeoir modelling route producing outstanding and different images than ever seen before.

How did you get into professional dancing?

I have always enjoyed entertaining, having a laugh and being centre of attention haha! So when I was 16 I took a few years out of education before choosing what I wanted to do with my life. The thought of staying on at school wasn’t really for me, so I worked for two years until eventually I stumbled across a performing arts academy that specialised in Musical Theatre. I took a risk, dropped my full time work and pay, got out a huge loan and decided to take a chance and see where this would take me having had no previous training. I spent 3 hard working years learning my craft, to sing, dance and act and have been lucky to have been working ever since. 

What are your proudest achievements as a dancer?

My proudest achievements so far would be working with Brian May and Ben Elton in ‘We Will Rock You'; I also had a once in a lifetime experience dancing in the London 2012 Olympic Opening ceremony; I must admit I became very patriotic after that. I had the privilege to work with Stephen Schwartz (composer of ‘Wicked’) on his new musical ‘Magic to Do’ on a well known cruise line where I’ve had some mind-blowing experiences seeing well over 50+ countries in the year. 

What style of dancing is your favourite and why?

If I had to pick one style I would say Musical theatre, although I do like commercial dance too (music videos). The reason I pick Musical theatre is because I like to create characters. Sometimes I don’t dance as myself but I feel what my chosen persona would feel; I think it keeps the routines I do very varied. Sometimes I can change how much I let go and  how much I give to a performance...because I’m starting to learn that sometimes less is more.

How do you prepare for a dance performance?

Preparing for a performance varies; it depends on what you are having to do with your body at the time. When warming up for a musical show for example we could do a 10 to 20 minute physical warm-up where we stretch and get the muscles warm and prepped, as these shows usually involve lifts and partner work with high intensity routines. Sometimes though when it's a smaller gig or the routine isn’t that complex or taxing on the body I skip the warm up. I know I shouldn’t do as this could shorten the longevity of my career. If it's a catwalk/modelling job requiring just strutting down an aisle, there's nothing much I do to prep other than have a quick rehearsal of my walk. 

You have a excellent physique. What's your secret?

Thank you, thats nice of you to say. I’m not 100% happy with my body but I don’t think anyone is really. My hang up is I want to get bigger and more muscular. I do cardio everyday and I have done so intensely since I started dancing. I struggle to add more. So I suppose my secret is cardio, cardio, cardio... I think I spend the majority of my day sweating and have at least 3 outfits to change into daily. Water is my best friend over food haha! I do weight training too when I can and I know you should focus on what you eat rather than the size of the weights you lift. But right now with my current job I find it difficult to execute my performance on a full stomach. Again, thank you for the compliment, maybe ask me that question again when I’m bigger.

How did you transform into modelling?

It came as a surprise honestly. I was getting my new headshots done to kick start my next year's auditions with something fresh and I got approached by various photographers online once I’d posted them. I’ve submitted some of the photos by Menartbygrahammartin who was the first person I started my dudeoir modelling journey with and from there the ball got rolling. I just kept getting requests and when available I followed. I’ve also now become an ambassador for various underwear brands too on instagram, but I’m hoping to post more clothes and body products in the future.

In your opinion, what makes an outstanding male model?

I think confidence is the key thing for an outstanding model. You need to be comfortable in front of a camera and own your surroundings. Like I said before, I’m not entirely comfortable with the way I look at this moment in time but thats not going to stop me taking my clothes off. You have to own what you’ve got.

Tell me something about your favourite photoshoot?

My favourite photoshoot, hmm I’ve had so's hard to choose. My favourite part of any shoot has to be the creativity and the variety of styles and ideas bouncing from both photographer and model. One minute it’s wear this, put on that, stand here, lets add this and before you know it you’re naked on a bed, smoking a cigarette with an old vintage phone between your legs, looking into a mirror in a warehouse. The looks, vibes and going with the flow is my favourite part. 

What are your goals as a dancer and as a model?

My goals as a dancer is just to keep going until my body tells me it's time. There’s a saying dancers die twice...once when their bodies tell them its time to stop and the other in death. So I want to hold out for as long as possible and hopefully get into more shows, although I do have a lot more tattoos now so that may hinder me. As a model, it has only just begun; I want to promote, influence and make art. I enjoy being creative and sharing my work with others and why not? My mum is an artist herself and she fully supports me getting my kit off. I’d like to become an influencer but with more depth than the “buy this and buy that’ kind of approach. At this moment in time that is what I’m doing right now but hopefully in the future I can promote in a more creative way once I’m more established.

We all have guilty pleasures, what's yours?

Guilty pleasures? Too many! Haha! I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say I’m a very explorative in life, food, socialising, travelling and sex…if…you…catch…my…drift...I’ll try anything once haha!

If you were asked to walk down the fashion runway, what would you choose to wear and why?

If I was to walk down a fashion runway, I’d wear something fluid. I’d imagine throwing some shapes as I walked down the aisle, and I’d need something comfortable and free. I’m thinking a kilt, boots and a harness on top of a long over-sized white shirt with a chain hanging from the harness...possible wrist wear, leather or a watch and earrings. I’d turn around etc and maybe undo the kilt to reveal some shorts similar patterned style to the kilt underneath, that are stretchable material to potentially whack my legs at the end of the runway. BOOM!

When is comes to fashion, what's your style?

I like to mess around a lot with my looks. But my main style is very much ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’. I like to keep my style and look to the 80’s/early 90’s as I feel the looks in the era were bang on point. I love colours, clashes and patterns. I live for double denim; I love a white sock and trainers with a light washed blue and all about over-sized. The whole of Adidas originals catalogue book looks also make very many appearances in my wardrobe when I’m rehearsing and dancing.

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