On The Fashion Runway

with Pedro Lourenço Marques

Pedro Lourenço Marques is a Portuguese model based in Lisbon. He has been modelling for 10 years. He also works in public relations. Pedro has a unique look attracting top fashion designers, stylists and photographers from around the world. We had the pleasure of interviewing him for A Different Lens Magazine readers. Check out Pedro's images selected by the amazing photographers Parinya Wongwannawat, Andy Dyo, David Velez and Marcel Frommer for this ADL Mag interview.

How did you get into modelling?

I started modelling in a small Lisbon-based agency named DXL where they taught me everything I know but I have also learnt a lot on my own. At the time, I sent them some pictures via social media and they called me. I was also signed up by Boom Models in 2017 and have recently been signed up by Face Models and The Legion Mgt


What are your favourite styles of photoshoots?

My favorite style of photoshoot is outdoors as I find it easier to imagine a situation and embody a character. I also enjoy having other models to interact with in front of the camera.


What are your goals when it comes to a photoshoot?

Well… I am a perfectionist so I strive to make the team proud of our work. As a good picture is the final output of a whole team (a photographer, a stylist, a hairstylist, a makeup artist...) I find it very important to have good communication and respect for all.

You look so fit...how do you manage to look this great? 

So fit? Hahaha thanks! Photoshop… just kidding...

I work out every day and I take care of what I eat. Sometimes it isn’t easy as I am vegetarian and in Portugal most restaurants do not have many vegetarian or vegan options.


If you were asked to walk down a fashion runway, what would you wear?

I love dramatic runways. I like to walk like old fashion models did. They inspire me, and I really like the way they looked and walked. Nowadays, all models look the same and do not look as confident with clothes. In terms of clothing, I love wearing jackets on a runway.


Tell us something about your most memorable photoshoot? 

Hmm... maybe when I coloured my hair white...it was the worst decision I ever made but I never stop trying new things. I never quit.

What are your favourite achievements to date?

Maybe being featured in a GQ Magazine editorial.

Some of my most important milestones were the shootings with Branislav Simoncik, Maurizio Montani and also a worldwide Renault campaign.


What are your hobbies outside modelling?

Well I am a simple guy… I take care of stray animals and help them find a home. I also appreciate the sun, the beach, working out, going to the cinema and spending time with my boyfriend and my friends.

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