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Ryan Stanford

Ryan Stanford is a Los Angeles based photographer. His colourful images and unique style captured the attention of A Different Lens Magazine. Ryan worked with a range of models and artists on hip fashion and physique shoots showcasing characters and personalities like never seen before. It was a pleasure to conduct this interview with Ryan for our readers. A photo gallery showcasing some of Ryan's work is included with different fashion styles including go-go Amy, CellBlock13LA and KKG.

Ryan, tell me what inspires your photography?

I express myself through my photography. My collaboration partners are captivating, alluring men. The world sees them; yet it is usually a one-dimensional, depthless regard. My goal is to depict them in a more nuanced, intricate way. By showcasing their complex humanity, the viewer is seeing mine. Aspects of my intellect, Weltblick, desire, desperate loneliness and longing, and my artistic sensibility are in my collaborations. Thereby they are a gorgeous trapdoor into regarding who I am in a world that doesn’t want to see me.

How did you get into photography?

I got into photography sort of by accident. I started taking snaps with my cell phone around Los Angeles and slowly taught myself how to edit and compose and gain confidence with the art form. I bought a proper camera and little by little this became my life.

Tell me about your most memorable shoot?

The shoot that I had with Joel Someone and Guillermo Diaz was and is the most important of my career. Getting to work with two marvelous artists and to have a concept and to have it all come together so beautifully. That was a massive moment for me.

How did social media impact your career?

Social media is huge. Instagram has been everything to me. Getting my work out there and meeting so many different people from all over the world. I am so shy and insecure so the anonymity and the remove is really helpful to me.  

What is your favourite style of shoots and why?

I love fashion shoots. There is the opportunity to be creative and to showcase the work of someone else in a unique way. It really inspires me because I want to make sure that the work is presented in a special way.  

In your view, what makes the best model to photograph?

When someone is just being himself, no pretenses nor trying to be someone different. There is nothing sexier to me than when a guy is totally being himself and when I can capture that...it is magical.  

What is your goal as a photographer?

I would love to be able to support myself and to keep getting better and to keep having opportunities for artistic collaborations.  Collaboration is probably my very favourite aspect of my photography.

What are your biggest achievements to date?

My 10 Eroticco Magazine editorials; having three photos in The Art Of Being Queer gallery show in Northern England; my collaborations with such talented and beautiful people.  



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