Simon Marini

From the Cage to the Stage

A Different Lens Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing Simon Marini, MMA Fighter, and currently a model and personal trainer based in Toronto, Canada. Simon used to fight professionally in Mixed Martial Arts. He was involved in at least 15 professional fights with the last fight being for Bellator. Simon has an amazing physique covered by stunning tattoos; he was scouted by photographers and designers for fashion and adult modelling. He is passionate about changing lives which got him into personal training.

Simon.... What's the secret behind your amazing physique?


Genetics! Lol I also go to the gym everyday, competed as a professional athlete for many years, and TRY to maintain a pretty healthy diet.


When and how did you get into fitness modelling?


I got into modeling once I retired from fighting. I went from the Cage to the Stage and started stripping so I began doing photoshoots to build some good promo material.


As a model, how do you prepare for a photoshoot?


I wake up... Lol if it's a paid shoot I get a beard and hair trim; I tend to try and eat a little cleaner leading up to a shoot, but other than that I pretty much tend to show up "as is". 


You've been an MMA fighter and now a stripper, a model and personal trainer....What are your goals in life?


To become quasi famous, make damn good money, travel the world, be happy! 


We all have guilty pleasures - what's yours?


My girlfriend and I are exhibitionists, so we like to hit sex clubs and adult/swinger resorts to show off our hit selves lol. We don't swing or share but LOVE to show off!


What's the inspiration behind your fashion and style?


I didn't even know I had fashion or style lol. I pretty much wear what's comfortable and maybe whatever makes me look jacked lol. I guess I dress like the rock in most of his movies haha. 


Do you go to the gym everyday? What's your fitness regime?


Everyday, often times more than once a day. All depends on how my body is feeling. I train mostly like a bodybuilder, but without any specific goals in mind other than having a great workout. 


What's your favourite food? Do you prepare your own meals?


Favourite healthy meal would be bison meatloaf with mashed sweet potatoes. Not-so healthy would be pizza and cheesecake!

I do love to cook, and enjoy preparing my own meals as well as cooking for my girlfriend. I'm just a wee bit lazy when it comes to big time meal prepping. 


I use KetoFit meal bars for meals on the go. They are so good! Use my code "simonFIT" for 30% off your order. If you're looking for a delicious low carb protein bar, this is it!


If you were to pick one fashion brand to wear? What would that be and why?


I'm a big fan of Ryderwear bodybuilding apparel, as well as Under Armor (especially the Rock's signature stuff). But I also really like Eomik Apparel, which I am an ambassador for so definitely check them out! "SRM15" for 25% off


Tell me something about photographers you enjoy working with and why?


I love the compliments lol I usually go in thinking I look like shit and walk out with an inflated ego lol. Then I see the finished pics And REALLY go nuts over myself. Most photographers I work with love working with me because I joke around a lot, and we talk tons. This makes the shoots go by much faster, and we build good friendships with each other. 


How did social media impact on your career?


I feel like without social media I wouldn't have a modelling career to be honest. I'd have no idea where to post the shots or how to link up with new photographers.

We love your tattoos. Are you getting more done?


Definitely getting LOTS more. I pretty much want my entire body covered. I'll keep my left side in colour and my right side mostly black and grey. My left arm initially was just ugly random tribal tattoo, which I later covered up with crazy reptilian-alien stuff. I got a few Hulk tats as he's been my hero since childhood and some other meaningless tattoos I just liked the idea of.

If you can only pick one person to travel the world with...who would that be?


Well obviously I'd say my girlfriend. She's my best friend and she'd fight me if I didn't lol. But other than her it'd be Thor, not Chris Hemsworth while that'd be cool but actually Thor lol since the MCU I've now replaced Hulk with Thor as my favourite super hero (sorry Hulk). 


Any advice for your men who think about pursuing fitness modelling?


Get jacked! And don't have hang ups, get out there, dick 'n all! 

Enjoy images of Simon In A Different Lens gallery by Photographer Chris Teel...please note some are NSFW!

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