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Interview with Tyler Winchcombe

Tyler Winchcombe is a UK based model and actor. His unique look, great shape and fashion style captured the interest of A Different Lens Magazine, and he agreed to do this exclusive interview with us.


How long have you been modelling for and what are your achievements to-date?

It all started when I was in my first year into my carpentry apprenticeship. Being a carpenter wasn't my dream so I used it to have a back up if all went wrong. Everyone needs a backup right!

Modelling was sort of my way of proving I was worth more than people in school believed. Also I have a very ambitious mindset and have always felt I was destined for better. I have been modelling for nearly 7 years now. My biggest achievement in modelling so far has to be my publication in Blouder Magazine for their front cover.


Besides modelling, do you have other interestes to share with us?

I am heavily into my fitness and if I don't manage to get down the gym atleast 4 times a week I get very unsettled. It's very therapeutic for me. I have broken into acting since my commercial with cornerstone razors, which has progressed so far in such little time. Just got to keep working and keep it on the incline!


What are your career goals when it comes to modelling?

I hope to see myself on a billboard one day. Believe it or not I would see this as so much more of an achievement than being seen on TV. It's a dream I have had since the age of 14 so nothing has changed.

You look really great... What's your fitness regime? 

I train around 5-6 times a week. I wouldn't say I have a set routine but if I see a certain part of my body I would like to build, I tend to focus on that area whilst maintaining all other areas.


Do you like or play any particular sports? 

I enjoy a game of badminton and I enjoy table tennis but unfortunately don't often get time out of my schedule to play as much as I would like. Also I have recently been getting onto rock climbing! Gymnastics is definitely in my future!


How do you prepare for a photoshoot? 

I tend to train more than usual if I have an upcoming shoot as I like to look as good as I can. My diet tends to get very strict which can be tough but definitely worth it seeing the results. I also set up boards on Pintrest so shoots tend to run smoothly as we have a goal to achieve. In between lighting changes in the studio, I always crack out a set of push ups and sit ups to keep up the prominence of muscle fibres and vascularity.


If we ask you about your favourite photoshoot to date, which one would that be and why?

That is a tough question. I have favourite photoshoots for different reasons. I particularly loved my shoot with Qandrew as I had been admiring his work for a long time before we got talking. Next thing you know we have worked together three times since and have formed a friendship through our colaborations; the guy is awesome at his job and emits such an energy with his work.

My next favourite has to be working with Markus Brehm. I don't need to say much about this guy as his shots speak for him but his vision, his charisma and his drive is just so contagious and such a pleasure to work with!

Another favourite has to be working with Mr Robert Leech! the guy just has a 100 acre plot of ideas when it comes to his images. We have such a strong bond when working together that it is never a chore shooting with him.

My favourite creative shoot has to go to Laura Donohoe; her visual effects on her shots are just unfathomable! She has a creative vision which could not be surpassed. I am so proud to say I have managed to work with her several times and can call her my friend. I hope this article is long enough as these all deserve such high credits.


What's your style? 

My style is very casual; I like a pair of ripped jeans, plain top and a nice white pair of trainers. Simple but looks great.


If you were asked to walk down the runway during New York's fashion week, what would you choose to wear and why?

I would wear an Armani gunmetal grey suit with bright white mid tops. why? because it would look damn cool!


Which social media platforms you use the most?

Facebook...to talk to old friends and keep hold of memories. Instagram, to keep my modelling work being seen and to obtain work as I tend to get quite a bit of work thrown my way through there.

How did social media impact your career?

My modelling career has taken a leap for sure, but I wouldn't say I solely rely on social media to obtain work.


Who is your inspiration when it comes to modelling?

Mark Wahlberg...back in the day representing Calvin Klein; the guy is just such a multitalented confident energy.


When it comes to fashion- who is your favourite designer or what's your favourite brand and why?

My favourite brand has to be Hollister as their tops tend to be very well fitting and so breathable. 


Any advice from you for any young men who wish to venture into modelling?

DO NOT EVER PAY FOR A PORTFOLIO. There are plenty of photographers starting their careers like yourselves who are willing to work TFP (Trade For Pictures) with you. 

DO NOT EVER PAY TO BE PART OF A MODELLING AGENCY. Genuine agencies will take a percentage for each booking but will not take an upfront payment. 

Have fun! it's a wild, wild ride!


Finally...if you were on an island and could bring only 3 things, what would you bring?

  1. Swiss army knife

  2. Lighter

  3. Water filter pen

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