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Vasilis Davaris is a landscape photographer from Greece. He currently works as a  photography director at the Garden of Mykonos Seaview Sunset Bar. He has been an aficionado of photography since 2014; he has a taste encompassing all types of photography but is particularly focused on editorial landscape photography.

Vasilis’ photos are based on the mythology and folklore of the particular landscapes that he photographs. His images portray surreal perspectives of the editorials he composes. According to Vasilis, imagination is more important than location; however, he prefers to photograph rough and ragged landscapes. Each time he starts a new project, Vasilis gets nervous about producing high quality work and worries that he is not ready yet for that project.  He is his biggest critic. His work can only be described as exceptional.

Using a Sony mirrorless camera, he utilises his creativity and patience to capture and frame the perfect landscapes in his lens. He is highly knowledgeable in various photography techniques. He visualises the shot before taking it and applies the technique that helps him best to represent his vision.

Vasilis is always creating high quality images and editorials; he is aiming to publish a series of his own photography books called ‘Landscapes through Mythology’.
He is inspired by photographers like Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Capa, and from recent history Bruce Gilden, Lee Jeffries and Thomas Heaton.

When asked about his favourite photograph out of his work, he noted that from a technical, colour grading and theme point of view it would be ‘Giant’ which is an abstract image of stone formations in Iceland. The inspiration came from Heimskringla saga of king Olaf Tryggvason.

The gallery below includes some of Vasilis' favourite images. You can see more of his work by following his social media links.

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